Learning through shared experiences


During the almost 10 years that I have been working with carers I have reached the conclusion that while the situation and experience of every carer is unique there are a number of challenges which exist in the day to day experience of many, if not all carers. The one to one work I have done with carers to help them take care of their own wellbeing has received great feedback and the reports of projects to evaluate the work are available on this site. However, I have wondered if there was a way of sharing my own learning and the experiences of some carers through writing. Through writing, experiences and ideas can be made available to a much wider group than I could work with one to one.

So, the idea of a blog was born and launched in June 2019.


Since then I have had really helpful feedback and lots of messages of appreciation so I am continuing to develop the blog.


The blog is available at: and you can subscribe and/or leave comments.


I hope you find it of interest.




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