It's good to hear to what others have to say. These comments are from Pensando clients over the years; how they found my services and what they gained from working with me.



“I used to look ahead and just see more of the same, now I see a future”


 “I have less expectation of how it should be and more acceptance of how it is – I wish it wasn’t the way it is but I am more accepting”



Young homeless people


“It helped me to improve myself – I have spread my wings a bit – it’s been like a bird hatching!”



“Coaching made me realise how little I need to do to set things off. I was taken aback by how easy a first step could be.”



Coaching clients


“It added a different perspective to my own perceptions and thought processes and I now have a better understanding of what I can and cannot influence.”



“Elaine is such a good coach who supported, equipped and helped me find the strength to work through the most challenging of times at work."



Interview preparation


“I worked with Elaine to help me prepare for my interview to become an army officer. She was a constant source of encouragement and her dedication grew my confidence, which ultimately led to my success.”



“Elaine coached me through test interviews providing feedback on everything from body language to the quality of my answers. I would highly recommend Elaine to anyone who wants to improve their chance of success at interview”.



Leadership and organisation development


"Elaine has helped me adopt a pragmatic and clear approach to workload and how to analyse complex new ideas and thinking. I feel much more in control and believe I am now making a focused and very useful contribution."




“With the various tools Elaine introduced and reminded us of, we have been able to re-establish our partnership team, enabling us to navigate very difficult times and provide continued leadership and support to our practice.”

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